Michael Ealy: "Why Aren’t There Enough Black Cops Out There?"

On Wednesday’s episode of BET’s “The Real,” actor Michael Ealy addressed the hard-hitting issue of racial inequality within police departments nationwide.

Speaking out against injustice isn’t easy, particularly if you are a celebrity who has much to lose. Many celebrities would rather not jeopardize their status than to speak their mind, but, of course, this isn’t always the case.

On Wednesday morning, Michael Ealy, the star of ABC’s “Secrets and Lies,” spoke candidly regarding his views on racial injustice and the present state of police violence in the United States.

As a guest on BET’s morning talk show “The Real,” Ealy discussed how a change needs to evolve from within police departments. In short, he argued that police officers themselves need to begin taking a stand against racial inequality. “The good cops have to speak up,” he said.

Specifically, he pointed towards how the addition of more black officers to city departments could help alleviate racial disparity.

In cities such as Dayton, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan, where a majority white police department is serving a majority black community, violence caused by racial tension could potentially be alleviated if more people of color were hired as law enforcement.  

Ealy further explained, “Racism needs to be changed from within. Obviously, it is about who’s being hired. Why aren’t there enough black cops out there? You know, we need black cops to come in and educate some of the white cops who have issues.”

While the number of minority police officers in the U.S. has reportedly doubled in the years between 1987 and 2013, according to Newsweek, the lump sum of these officers weren’t black, but Latino. Regardless, over-policing remains a national problem and up-to-date research is lacking.

For celebrities such as Ealy to use their fame to promote awareness of pressing social-justice issues is commendable, considering the involved risks of speaking out against the status quo. 

Banner photo credit: YouTube screenshot, The Real Daytime

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