Michael Phelps Is Over Humans, Now Going To Race Great White Shark

For this year's Discovery Channel Shark Week series, Michael Phelps will be racing a great white shark. Seriously. We can't make this stuff up.

In the latest version of man versus nature, champion Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps will be racing against none other than a great white shark, USA Today reported.

The race is a part of Discovery Channel's eight-day-long Shark Week and will air on July 23. Discovery described it as "an event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before." (I wonder why?) Details of the race's structure are unclear.

"That one was fun, doing some stuff with Shark Week and for me, sharks are like my number one favorite animal in the world, being able to see them face to face was pretty cool," Phelps, who has 23 Olympic medals, said during a panel, according to USA Today.

Phelps has been logged in at 6 mph underwater, while a great white can travel up to 25 mph, BBC reported. 


What do you think about the swimmer's latest claim to fame? Is it a desperate attempt to stay relevant or just a cool (read: insane) thing to try out?

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