MTV Australia Under Fire For Racist Tweet About Hispanic Actresses

MTV Australia’s bizarre decision to post a racist joke about two Hispanic actresses at Golden Globe has not gone down well with the internet users.

MTV Australia

MTV Australia is being subjected to censure after it came up with an ill-worded, racist tweet about two Latino actresses at the Golden Globes.

America Ferrera and Eva Longoria were on stage jokingly alluding to a previous mistake made by the Golden Globes at the 2016 nominee announcements, when it confused “The Ugly Betty” star with Gina Rodriguez.

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However the reference was apparently lost on MTV Australia, who tweeted out for “English sub-titles” claiming they did not understand what the Hispanic actresses were saying.

The resulting social media backlash quickly moved the Australian music channel to apologize and delete the unfortunate tweet; however the damage was already done.

Their attempt to express their regrets online was also poorly met by the Twitterati.

The comment became even more awkward and inappropriate because the actresses were calling out Hollywood’s penchant for treating colored stars as replacable and reminding them that not all Latinos were the same person.

Meanwhile, the Latino duo’s presentation was one of the biggest highlights of the 2016 Golden Globes and a welcome respite from Ricky Gervais’s flat jokes.

“Thank you, Salma,” Ferrera said in conclusion to her dialogue. “You’re welcome, Charo,” responded Longoria before announcing Jon Hamm as Best Actor in a TV Drama.”

If you missed it, check out the video here.

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