Beyonce’s 16-Minute Performance At VMAs Will Go Down In MTV History

Queen Bey’s nearly 16-minute performance at the VMAs wasn’t just about epic music and choreography. It was a message – one that’ll go down in television history.

Beyoncé was the only winner at the 2016 VMAs. Other celebrities were just in attendance.

Queen Bey treated her fans with 16 minutes of her album "Lemonade" — a performance that went beyond moving lyrics and impressive choreography.

She took off with "Pray You Catch Me," which included the dancers next to her dropping dead, their spotlights turning red, and a boy in a hoodie — a reference to the tragic shooting-murder of Trayvon Martin — standing behind Beyonce, wrapping his hands around her shoulders. It was probably the most powerful moment of the entire night.

The stage then transitioned into a more personal territory with "Hold Up" and "Sorry,” songs believed to be about Jay-Z’s alleged cheating and betrayal.

The ending of the performance was equally spectacular with "Formation” as the closing song. Toward the end, dozens of dancers arranged themselves in the Venus symbol.

The entire arena gave a standing ovation, because it was the second most appropriate response to Queen Bey’s magic  after bowing, of course.

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