New Yorkers Get Real About Trump With Stephen Colbert

Billy Eichner and Stephen Colbert take to the streets of NYC to find out what people really wish Colbert would say to Trump in a new "Billy on the Street."

Ahh, the so-called New York bubble, in which progressives within feel a little safer than the rest of us on the chilly outside.

"Billy on the Street" is back, and this time, host Billy Eichner's teaming up with Stephen Colbert to ask passersby what it's like living in the NYC bubble, and what message they'd like Colbert to deliver to President Donald Trump (ugh).

"You gotta dig to go a little deeper in your soul, and not be such a shallow creep," one woman says to Eichner and Colbert about Trump.

"Shallow creep, OK," Colbert says, appearing to make a mental note of it.

"What issues concern you, most of all? What are you scared of right now?" Eichner asks.

"I'm actually very concerned about the people he's bringing into his Cabinet. He's opening Pandora's box," the woman says.  

"He actually grabbed Pandora's box without asking permission," Colbert corrects. Brilliant.

One thing is clear: Even New Yorkers aren't immune to Trump's (terrible, horrible, no good, very bad) policy plans, and that bubble may not exist after all; though we'll admit, the literal giant bubbles at the end of the segment were pretty funny. 

We're all in this together? 

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