Former NFL Player Plans To Donate His Brain For Neurological Research

An ex-NFL player known for his proactive support of neurological research now plans to donate a vital organ after his death to help trauma patients.

NFL legend Joe Namath wants scientists to analyze his brain after his death for a better understanding of concussions and other traumatic injuries.

During Super Bowl 50 event last week, the legendary player revealed his intentions to donate his brain for research. Namath has been a staunch supporter of neurological research focusing on brain injuries, something causing serious concerns about football and players' health.

But the research is not just for the benefit of athletes.

"When it comes to head blows, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, we talk about it in football a lot," Namath said. "But I'm going to tell you something: There're children out there falling down on a daily basis. There are mothers, there're fathers, there's people in car accidents." 

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Namath was knocked out cold five times in his career as a football player, which spanned 13 years. Now, he has revealed his fears that he might have suffered from irreparable nerve damage without knowing it.

"We don't know enough about traumatic brain injuries at this time," Namath said Friday. "What we're trying to do is learn more about it and learn how to help people that have had traumatic brain injuries.”

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