Norwegian Navy Grads Get Funky With "Uptown Funk" Flash Mob

Military decorum is out the door at the sailors' passing out ceremony.

Who said sailors can't dance?

Just when you thought the “Uptown Funk” craze was over, an amazing dance routine video of Mark Ronson's catchy song is going viral on social media again.

Newly minted sailors from the Norwegian Navy celebrate by executing a brilliant flash mob dance routine to "Uptown Funk" at their passing out ceremony, which marks their graduation.

The ceremony all starts out quietly and dignified, as expect. Then the sailors begin to get funky as Ronson's music plays; before long, they all join in. Not everyone is a good dancer but the large crowds of soldiers love the performance and many can be seen clapping and dancing along with them. One man, however, is the star of the show!

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Banner / Thumbnail : Wikimedia Commons

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