Number Of Women Allegedly Assaulted By James Toback Leaps To 310

Actresses Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams are among the hundreds of women to speak out about being sexually assaulted or harassed by James Toback.

The ongoing Harvey Weinstein controversy has opened Hollywood’s very own Pandora’s box with attention now turning to other alleged industry predators.

Oscar-nominated writer and director James Toback is among the many men who have been called out in recent weeks for sexually harassing women colleagues. 

Initially, Los Angeles Times reporter Glenn Whipp revealed that there were at least 38 women who had accused Toback of sexual misconduct, but within one week, that number has drastically leaped to 310.

Among these victims are actresses Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams. Both women spoke out about their assaults with Vanity Fair, alleging that Toback invited each of them to his hotel room to discuss a role in the film “Harvard Man,” which quickly turned sexual.

As Vanity Fair notes, the striking similarities between each of their stories points to a very calculated and pre-meditated gimmick Toback relied on to lure women.

Blair even described the disturbing details from the moment Toback masturbated in front of her and wouldn’t let her leave the room “until I have release.” After the incident, he allegedly threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

Julianne Moore also joined the conversation, recounting two times that she was harassed by Toback on the street with the same exact pick-up line. She tweeted her #MeToo experience with Toback to Whipp.

Toback denied the initial accusations exposed by the LA times, but has not addressed the latest slew of allegations. 

The silence that Weinstein, Toback, and other newly-exposed predators are exhibiting highlights an ironic twist of fate in which the once powerless victims that these invincible men preyed upon now have the loudest voices. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Ricardo Moraes

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