People Apparently Did Their Taxes During Coachella

Almost a dozen individuals attempted to mail their tax returns from a post office near the campground.

coachella music festival

Procrastination reached a new level over the weekend as almost a dozen people spent time at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival filing their taxes.

Taxes were due on April 18, which was the day after the first weekend of the festival concluded (although it is possible to file for an extension).

According to the Riverside Post-Enterprise, over ten festival-goers in Indio, California attempted to use the campground post office to file their last-minute tax returns.

Megan Hampton, who runs the post office, rightly questioned “How do they have their taxes here? I don’t know.”

The success of these efforts could vary, as according to the Daily Beast, “Coachella’s post office isn’t even an official post office; it’s more like a halfway house for mail, which is later collected and dropped off at a proper mailbox. One of the nearest legitimate post offices is a short, 12-minute drive away.”

Coachella contains Wi-Fi throughout the campground, so attendees at the festival could hypothetically complete their taxes on tablets or smartphones and file their returns online.

However, it appears counterintuitive to pay huge sums of money to attend a music festival and then spend your time worrying about taxes.

Banner Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Alan Paone

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