People Can't Stop Defecating On Trump's Walk Of Fame Star

Rumors are circulating that Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star might be removed because people can't stop defacing it, as images on Twitter have shown.

Donald Trump pointing to his head

Rumors have surfaced that Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star might be removed given that people keep defacing his plaque.

Trump’s historically low levels of popularity and ghastly sexist and racist rhetoric have turned the business mogul’s star into a target for vandalism.

On Twitter, users have shared images of graffiti ranging from Hitler references to mute symbols. Others have depicted more graphic pictures of individuals urinating, defecating, and spitting on Trump’s star and even a dog taking a dump on it.

Speculation looms that the Hollywood Historic Trust may remove the star, but the action remains unlikely. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce rejected a proposal from civil rights activists to remove Bill Cosby’s star over rape allegations.

So for now, the clown candidate’s star serves as a hilarious form of protest.  

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Banner image credit: Facebook / ViviAnn Labba Klemensson

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