Pink Stops Show To Hug Grieving Teen Who Lost Her Mom

During her Brisbane show, Pink stopped singing to go into the crowd and console a fan whose mother had died. The gesture brought a smile to the teen’s face.

Singer and superstar Pink showed a young fan in Brisbane, Australia, some love after she learned the girl had just lost her mom.

A sign that appeared to come from 14-year-old Leah Murphy explained that she had lost her mother last month. It added that she would “LOVE a hug” from the singer.

During the show, audience members passed around the sign until it made it to the singer’s hand, who simply could not ignore it.

According to People magazine, the superstar promptly stopped the show to read the note out loud, then she came down from the stage to find Murphy.

Within a few moments, the singer and mother of two was letting her motherly instincts do the talking, giving the young fan a big hug and taking selfies with her.

“I was crying a lot, and she's like, ‘Oh don’t cry,' and then she's like,'You look so pretty," and she's just really nice, and she's like, 'Everything’s going to be OK.’ She was really sweet,” the young fan added.

Murphy and her late mother, Debbie, had purchased tickets to see Pink perform in Sydney in early August, but the show got canceled after the singer was hospitalized.

The girl and her mom were both Pink fans and would often “sing [her songs] together and dance around the house,” she told reporters. So getting a hug from Pink was definitely special.

"I'm a lot happier now," she said.

Murphy’s father, Chris Murphy, was in awe, calling the moment “unbelievable.”

"You can tell in the photos, Pink was so genuine and just really lifted the spirits of our family so much," he said.

But before the beautiful meeting took place, the young girl’s aunt, Katrina Donkin, said she almost lost the concert tickets. Just the night before the show she said she realized she had left the tickets at her home in Cairns, located about 1,000 miles from where the show took place.

“... my neighbor broke into my house and got them and handed them to someone I know who works on the check-in desk at [the airline] Qantas,” Katrina told reporters. "She then asked the pilots of a flight that arrived in Brisbane at lunch time if they could take them down, and they said yes.”

Thanks to these pilots’ kindness, Murphy got to meet her hero.

It all came together so perfectly that it's almost as if Murphy’s mom was looking out for her daughter so she could finally see Pink live, even though she didn't get to experience it with her physically. 

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

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