Hold Your Breath As This Plane Tries To Land In Hurricane-Level Winds

The pilots on this flight deserve a nice, long vacation.

The U.K. is in the hold of a particularly violent storm system, with trees uprooted and billboards felled by the angry winds and thunderstorms.

Stormy spurts of wind are no good news for planes. While some flights may be canceled in advance, real terror strikes when this turbulence happens when this plane is still aloft in air.

A plane, with room for 500 passengers, had to make a crash landing at Manchester Airport when hostile gales of wind, reaching speeds of 70 mph, threatened to throw it off course.

The video, uploaded by Aviation HD, shows the plane braving some murderous winds as pilots try to safely get to ground. Hold your breath as you watch the plane sway, remain stagnant and then laboriously try to make it to the runway.

It's not over for the U.K. on the bad weather front. Sunday and Monday, the region is bracing for Storm Katie, which promises even stronger winds and possibly damage to infrastructure.

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