President Obama Works His Magic On A Crying Baby In Japan

Does the president possess some sort of a baby-calming magic or is it just another happy coincidence?

President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima, Japan, earned him at least one adorable new fan.

While en route to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Obama made a stop at the United States Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni. After giving his speech, the president made the rounds to greet the crowd gathered at the base.

It was then that one of the most memorable (and impressive) moments from his visit took place.

During the meet and greet with enthusiastic audience, a woman in the crowd handed the president a crying baby. Instead of giving the wailing child back to his mother, Obama held him and bounced him on his hip as he tried to speak to the diaper-clad child.

When the commander-in-chief handed the baby back to his mother, he was no longer upset.

Needless to say, Obama seems to have a certain skill with babies to turn their frowns upside down.

Moreover, he has been showing off this skill for years now. When he picks up a baby, there are practically only two possible results: The baby either looks at the president mesmerized or stops crying.

Does the president possess some sort of baby-calming magic or is this just a coincidence?

Here’s another proof that the U.S. president has some serious skills when it comes to interacting with tiny humans.

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