Professor Eats His Own Books On TV After Losing Bet On Elections

The elections dealt a hard blow on the Tories and a certain professor of political studies.

You may accuse Matthew Goodwin, a political science professor from the United Kingdom, of short-sightedness but you cannot fault the man for not staying true to his words.

Last month, Goodwin tweeted that there was no way the Labor Party under Jeremy Corbyn would be able to bag more than 38% of votes. If, however, that does happen, he would happily eat his new Brexit book, Goodwin promised.


But it did happen.

Theresa May made the stupidest decision of her political career, called elections, led a disastrous campaign and Labour got 40.3% of the votes on June 9.

Goodwin was forced to eat his words — literally.

The world remembered the accursed tweet, and Goodwin, a man of his words, allegedly appeared on live TV and munched his own book.

He really did it, y'all.


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