Bette Midler Shuts Down Tony Awards Orchestra To Continue Her Speech

Bette Midler made sure no one interrupted her historic victory speech after winning her very first competitive Tony award.

Bette Midler won her very first award in an acting category at the 2017 Tony Awards for her amazing performance in “Hello, Dolly.”

Midler previously bagged a special Tony Award in 1974. At the age of 71, she finally bagged a competitive Tony for her commendable acting skills. However, what truly stole the show at the awards ceremony was her hilariously long, yet, remarkable victory speech.

“I’m so privileged, I’m so honored. I hope I don’t cry. Thank you to the Tony voters, many of whom I’ve actually dated…I’m so grateful for the outpouring of love and affection — I can’t remember the last time I had so much smoke blown up my a–, but there’s no more room,” said the Broadway queen while accepting her award. 

“I can’t remember when I had so much smoke blown up my arse. It’s full. This is it. It’s the icing on the cake!” she continued.

Her speech went on for so long that the orchestra started playing in the background, signaling her to get off stage.

But Midler wasn’t going to let anyone come in her way. She made sure everyone heard all that she had to say.

"Shut that crap off!" she lambasted the orchestra, while the audience cheered at her entertaining speech. The diva dove into her four-minute speech with renewed vigor.

“Revival is an interesting word,” she mentioned when the music stopped playing in the background. “It means something was near death and was brought back to life. 'Hello, Dolly!' never really went away. It’s in our DNA. It’s optimism. It’s democracy. It’s color. It’s hilarity. This is a classic. Come and see it. It’s not just me. This thing has the ability to life your spirits in these terrible times.”

And though her speech was long, she still posted on Twitter to thank the people she had forgotten.


People on social media loved her epic response:








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