Racists Unite To Pledge Support For Trump In This Hilarious SNL Ad

Racists, KKK members, Islamophobes and Nazis all unite for their supreme leader and ringmaster, Donald Trump.



Donald Trump can be accused of being many things, but coherent is not one of them. He has blathered about how he is going build a wall and send immigrants back to Mexico, and once opened up about his morbid fantasies of shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood.

But Trump has not been specific, and never gives legitimate hints on how he plans to make "America great again."

Knowing full well that his vague manner could cost Trump votes from the neighborhood bigots, "Saturday Night Live" made an ad to show exactly the kind of mentality Trump is championing, and the pockets of society he is aiming at.

The ad opens with smiling, friendly supporters of Trump, like this white supremacist Nazi.

Also trumpeting their support are members of the Ku Klux Klan, an obvious reference to Trump refusing to condemn a KKK leader's endorsement.

There are people who shout at hijabi women to "go back to Islam."

Hijabi Women

The ad also featured a lot of sweet gestures like ritualistic cross-burning.

ritualistic cross-burning

Even though it's SNL, let's all remember reality isn't far off at all. 

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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