Common Says A Trump Presidency Will Take US Back To The ‘Slave Days’

“It would be returning to some of the mentality of racism we’ve seen in the mid ‘60s, in the civil rights era,” said the rapper of a potential Trump presidency.

Over the past few days, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been trying to revamp his image in a last ditch attempt to win over voters to his sinking campaign.

He has tried to reach out to the African-American community to gain their support and has even made a dubious apology about his hasty remarks in the past.

But rapper and actor Common is not convinced.

In fact, he believes a Trump presidency will lead the United States toward a darker direction.

“America wouldn’t be taking a step back… we’d be taking 12 steps back,” the “Suicide Squad” actor told Newsweek. “It would be returning to some of the mentality of racism we’ve seen in the mid ‘60s, in the civil rights era. It would be returning to some of the actual racism that existed in slave days.”

“There’s a certain mentality that is being put out there [by Trump’s campaign] that it doesn’t seem like it’s for [the good of] everybody,” he added. “It doesn’t seem like the intention is to unite people. It is part of the racist mentality that we in America don’t want to be part of, that we’re tired of and want to get rid of.”

But he also blames the media and the public for enabling Trump until he made it all the way to the Republican nomination.

“They’ve definitely assisted him in becoming the popular force that he is,” said Common. “Nobody was really taking him too seriously but I think the media continued to put him out there, and he gathered enough people that [want to see] separation [in the country]. They stood up. He gathered enough of those people and, along with the media, that’s how he became a considerable candidate.”

Slave Days

The 44-year-old rapper previously criticized the U.S. media for its endless coverage of the foul-mouthed real-estate mogul in September 2015 and voiced his doubts about its integrity.

A year later, he still stands by his claim that Trump would be dangerous for America. And that’s why he’s vying for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“My hopes and beliefs are that Hillary Clinton can be elected. I feel like having a woman as president is needed at this point,” Common said. “Let’s bring new energy into it…I’m speaking up for Hillary because we can’t allow Trump to get into office. That’s not acceptable.”

Common has been known to support social issues, especially those centering on minorities. During the BET Hip Hop Honors last month, the rapper praised African-American activists and Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, the girlfriend of police shooting victim Philando Castille for recording the police brutality video and trying to deescalate the deadly situation.

He has also starred in the Oscar-nominated movie “Selma” which recounts Martin Luther King’s voting rights marches of 1965 and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song along with John Legend for the film’s soundtrack “Glory” in February 2015.

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