Rebel Wilson Pokes Fun At #OscarsSoWhite In Show-Stealing BAFTA Speech

The actress may have wandered a little into the controversial territory, but her hilarious delivery largely saved what could have been a huge disaster.

Australian actress Rebel Wilson certainly knows how to become the center of attention at any event.

The “Pitch Perfect” alum took to the stage at BAFTA Awards on Sunday to introduce the nominees for Best Supporting Actor and stole the entire show with her deadpan speech.

“As you know, they are racists. But the BAFTAs have diverse members,” the 35-year-old comedian began to howls of laughter. “And that’s what we all want to see in life, isn’t it? Diverse members. One day, I hope to return here to win a BAFTA myself. I have already been practicing my transgendered face.”

She then blamed her nervousness on Idris Elba and admitted she would be happy to console the four losing nominees.

Some on Twitter loved Wilson’s sassy speech:







Others, however, did not appreciate her poking fun at both transgender issues and #OscarsSoWhite:






This is not the first time the Australian actress has found herself at the center of a controversy.

In 2015, she ruffled many feathers by making a totally unfunny joke about police brutality during the MTV VMAs.

Watch Rebel Wilson’s BAFTA speech in the video above.

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