Amid Scandals, Twitter Users 'Expose' Celebrities For Being Nice

After being inundated with scandals and abuse allegations left right and center, one person had had enough and wanted to find out if anyone had nice “allegations” against a celebrity.

As more and more allegations of sexual abuse in Hollywood, politics, sports, and more industries have been brought to light, the news cycle has been a hard and emotionally heavy thing to keep up with. Fortunately, not everyone in Hollywood is a monster.

A long Twitter thread has sparked an outpouring of stories about a long list celebrities being kind and funny with non-Hollywood people.

San Francisco-based artist Oliver Leach called for people to recount positive celebrity encounters. 


Celebrities who were name checked as being gracious and kind included Danny DeVito, David Tennant, Chris Martin, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Robin Williams and many, many more. The post has received more than 6,000 comments about all the good celebrities out there.























The thread is massive, but worth reading through. It’s a nice, necessary reminder that the entertainment industry is like any other field, full of both good and bad people. In times like this, it’s healthy to indulge in a few feel-good stories and to acknowledge that most people in Hollywood are just as horrified by the current scandals as the rest of us are.

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