‘Kimmel’ Audience Reacts To Sacha Baron Cohen’s Graphic Movie Clip

Known for his over-the-top, often gross, sense of humor, Sacha Baron Cohen took his ability to shock audiences to a whole new level with a movie clip on Kimmel Live.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming movie is called “The Brothers Grimsby”  a spy spoof starring Cohen as a raunchy, unruly soccer hooligan and Mark Strong, from Kingsman and Sherlock Holmes, as his brother and who is a top level MI6 assassin.

Since the Borat actor is one of the leads, the movie contains his signature unorthodox humor. But it also features a scene that almost saddled the film with an NC-17 rating.

Cohen appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and played that particular sequence on the show for the audience. (It wasn’t broadcast because it was far too graphic for that.)

The reactions were priceless, to say the least. In fact, one of the camera crew members almost fell on the ground while laughing.

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The movie also stars Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher and Gabourey Sidibe.

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