Sam Smith Thinks He Is A White Knight In Shining Armor For Blacks

Smith receives backlash for being unaware of white privilege and "whitesplaining," after tweeting about a black friend who got abused.

Sam Smith

Grammy winner Sam Smith took to Twitter to share an anecdote about a friend who recently became a victim of racial abuse.

In a series of tweet, the "Writing’s on the Wall" singer told his followers how “shocked” he was at the brutal treatment of his friend in London.

He also commented that he had never witnessed racial abuse of any kind before in his hometown, London. However, soon after Smith's comments went online, the singer was accused of “living in a bubble” as racist threats and harassment are not exactly a rarity in U.K.

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His critics also did not like the fact he was “whitesplaining” (a condescending term for a white person who tries to explain racism) and making it sound like he was the first person to raise awareness on the issue. Many users also pointed out his privilege of being a white man and said although he witnessed the incident, it did not actually happen to him.

Smith, who was apparently unaware that his words would provoke such a backlash, has replied to the Internet through an Instagram post earlier today.


Please Read.

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Once again, a celebrity’s attempt to do good has gone awry and the words, “This Isn’t About Me” mean exactly the opposite.

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