Sanders Uses Candy To Explain Why He's Fighting Until The End

In a short skit done on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Bernie Sanders explains why you should never give up on something you really want.

While many have decidedly looked to Hillary Clinton as the Democratic party nominee, Bernie Sanders—and many of his supporters—are not giving up.

This kind of dedication to what Sanders calls a “political revolution” can be applied to many things in life. Especially when your 100 Grand candy bar is stuck in a vending machine!

In a cute skit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sanders explains to Colbert that he simply can’t give up on reaching for his… candy bar.

“Okay,” Colbert interrupts. “But even if you do well tomorrow, the delegate math is against you. So isn’t this win only really a ‘win?’”

“Here’s the story,” Sanders begins. “It’s a narrow shot but we still have a chance to win a majority of the pledged delegates. We’re going to fight for every last vote and at the end of the day I hope and believe that we are going to win this.”

It seems that this attitude is not only inspirational, but motivational as Sanders has continued to see thousands of people at his rallies all across the country—especially the last two he had in Sacramento and Stockton, CA!

Banner Image Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via YouTube

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