SNL's Spicey Emerges From His Bush, Somehow Ends Up Kissing Trump

Sean Spicer is back on "Saturday Night Live" and Melissa McCarthy’s impression of him is as hilariously accurate as ever.

Last week, Melissa McCarthy’s infuriated Sean Spicer rode a podium through New York, yelling at bystanders to get out of her way. 

Audiences knew then Spicer was back from wherever he had been sent in the aftermath of the James Comey firing, just in time for McCarthy to host her fifth outing at "Saturday Night Live."

Later, in the latest "Saturday Night Live" daily White House briefing, as embattled journalists pleaded with the decidedly more articulate Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to permanently replace Spicer, the man emerged. 

With a fire extinguisher in hand, Spicey charged on the journalists, directing the stream at one reporter’s pants.

“Liar liar, pants on fire,” the WH press secretary bellowed.

This was followed by, of course, a thorough grilling on The New York Times' Glenn Thrush. 

However, things took a dramatic turn when reporters asked Spicer if the POTUS was indeed planning to replace him with Sanders.

Distraught with suspicion, McCarthy's Spicey began looking for Trump, who — for some bizarre reason — ends up kissing his press secretary.

“Wait, is this like 'The Godfather' where you kiss me and no one ever sees me again?” Spicer asks.

“Yes,” Trump replies.

Watch the hilarious segment in the video above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mario Anzuoni

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