Snapchat Users Attack ‘Beauty’ Filters, Say It Favors Whiteness

An evolving Twitter storm is attacking Snapchat, saying that the app’s racist “Beauty” filters are making the color of users’ skin tones whiter.

Snapchat introduced new “Beauty” filters late last year and has since received mixed reviews from users in what has been referred to as a colonialization of selfies.

Over the past few months, Snapchat users have been taking to social media to post the outcome of their forays into the “Beauty” filters as usual.

One such filter includes a floral crown overlay which has been deemed racist by users because it lightens the skin tone to make the user look whiter.

The app has annoyed a lot of users, who argue that the skin-whitening aspect of the filter is unnecessary and puts favoritism on lighter skin tones.

Some Snapchat users have angrily commented that the filter not only lightens darker complexions, but also contours facial features such as noses and jawlines to be narrower.

One redeeming feature of the "Beauty" filters is that it lessens the appearance of blemishes, an aspect which is likely appreciated in our Photoshop-crazed era.

When Buzzfeed asked Snapchat to comment as to why they made the filter so that it lightens users’ skin tones, they refused to entertain the query.


Banner Image Credit: Twitter, Erisolsies

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