The 'Hunt For Hill' Skit On SNL Is Spot On

"Saturday Night Live" is hunting for Hillary in the woods.

Since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, she has made just a couple of public appearances. Most of the glimpses we’ve received of Clinton have been in selfies with supporters who run into her unexpectedly — including one fan who found her walking in the woods.

As usual, "Saturday Night Live" caught up with the sightings in its quintessentially hilarious way, with a "The Hunt For Hil" sketch that turned Clinton into Bigfoot.

In the sketch, the two "hunters" say their goal is to "catch her, trap her and thank her," because she is the "most elusive legend of them all."

The two try everything they can to find her — they speak to an eyewitness who had seen something blonde, about 5’ 6”, who “seemed like it kind of wanted some time to itself.” From tracking her footprints, to emulating the “Hillary laugh” like a mating call.

And while no one is legitimately crying over not seeing McKinnon as Clinton on SNL, having her return for the briefest of moments as the former presidential candidate was what everyone has been waiting for.

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