SNL Reveals How The Tone-Deaf Pepsi Ad Was Made

SNL's Nice White Guy is every well-meaning but ridiculously uninformed person out there.

There is someone even more dangerous than the Nazi who gets punches thrown his way, or the many men and women uninhibited in their hatred for Mexicans, Muslims, the African-Americans and other minorities: The well-intentioned, naïve white guy.

As "Saturday Night Live" reveals, the Nice White Guy is enthusiastic about the systems of oppression embedded in this society that target women and people of color, but rarely him. He believes that his long-winded Facebook posts qualify him as an ally for the many causes he has taken up. His peculiar brand of activism drowns out the voice of the oppressed, and is built on the implication that the ones who suffer are unable to speak for themselves. With his noble intentions and a naïve perspective, he leaves no stone unturned in centering every cause around white people.

The Nice White Guy may have been the undoing of the catastrophe that was "the" Pepsi ad.

In the back stage scenes imagined by SNL, Nice White Guy excitedly narrates his concept to a sister on phone. He doesn’t say a word but you can see his sunken face. He then runs the idea through another friend, and then a black woman. He now realizes that he must run before Pepsi evokes the wrath on everyone on Twitter. But is it too late?

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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