SNL Dares To Imagine How The World Looks ‘Through Donald’s Eyes’

“Through Donald’s Eyes” provides a hilariously haunting first-person look at how the self-absorbed president-elect sees the world.

Since Alec Baldwin couldn't return to reprise his widely popular Donald Trump character this week on "Saturday Night Live," host John Cena of WWE fame portrayed the president-elect instead, in a point-of-view sketch that was both haunting and hilarious at the same time.

The skit played out like something of an “SNL” version of a fever dream, a strange look at the daily life of the future commander-in-chief as he prepares for his upcoming presidency.

The skit called “Through Donald’s Eyes” turns into a carousel of the people in the billionaire business mogul’s life who enter his orbit.

He eats taco bowls, sips champagne, watches Fox News fawning over him, meets his devoted (and a little scary) supporters, and falls asleep when his running-mate, Mike Pence, starts discussing work.

However, when a Hollywood beauty queen criticizes him on television, he instantly goes to his happy place (read: Twitter) to vents his frustrations against the "stupid media."

Also, of course, when he looks in the mirror, the egoistical former reality TV star sees himself as a big-handed chiseled WWE wrestler.

Watch the hilarious sketch in the video above.

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