SNL Mocks Hillary Clinton's Love Of New York And Subway Skills

“Saturday Night Live” took a swipe at the Democratic presidential candidate’s recent struggles in her home state of New York.

“Saturday Night Live” kicked off its latest episode with a politically charged cold open mocking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and, of course, her not-so-impressive subway card swiping skills.

SNL vet Kate McKinnon reprised her role as the former secretary of state, wearing a Yankees cap with its price tag still on, as she pretended to eat a hot dog and nuts to prove what a real New Yorker she is.

“Hello, America. It’s true, I have not been winning as of late,” McKinnon’s Clinton began her televised address with a forced smile. “In fact, I have not won a state in almost three weeks — because that was the plan. I did not want to win those and so I didn’t. It doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m not rattled.”

The clip also made fun of Clinton's much talked about subway ride earlier this week, where the White House hopeful failed to glide through the turnstile  like a regular New Yorker  and took at least five swipes to get through.

“The subway. I love to ride. I’m comfortable riding it,” McKinnon said cheerfully, before swiping half a dozen times with no success. After eventually failing to climb over the turnstile, she remarked, “I’ll just take a cab.”

Watch the complete segment in the video above.

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