SNL Spoofs Oscars With Sexual Misconduct Awards: The Grabbies

The list of nominations for the "Saturday Night Live" Grabbies awards is miles long.

The 2018 Academy Awards are about to take place and, it was all but guaranteed that "Saturday Night Live" would have something to say about the hypocrisy of the "Time's Up" pin wearing people attending the Oscars even while they stand accused of sexual assault.

Welcome to “The Grabbies,” a sexual misconduct award show courtesy of SNL.

"The Grabbies" honored Hollywood’s top harassers. Oscar statues were replaced with golden groping hands.

The sketch begins with an introduction of the award show, which is held by the fictional Academy of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in Hollywood that saw Beck Bennett, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Chris Redd and Luke Null as red carpet hosts. The awards were presented by the Academy of Sexual Harassment.

The hosts give us a preview of the categories of the show, which include "Handsiest Actor," "Most Open Robe," "Best Non-Apology" and the "Best Animated Grope." Alex Moffat, Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson and even Aidy Bryant portrayed the fictional performers for the awards.

Pete Davidson hinted at his acceptance speech with a classic "boys will be boys" excuse — which he learned from his uncle. Davidson said, “Well, first I’d like to thank guns for pivoting the national conversation away from harassment, and I’d also like to thank my uncle for teaching me ‘boys will be boys.'”

With a bunch of thinly veiled references thrown around for Ryan Seacrest and his alleged sexual misconduct, as well as Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and others, SNL’s Grabbies shined a light on the culture of sexual harassment that’s prevalent in Hollywood and the hypocrisy surrounding it.

Check out “The Grabbies” red carpet sketch above.

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