Apologize? Never! Trump ‘Apple-Le-Gizes’ For Leaked Tapes On SNL

In a rare turn of events in the presidential race, real life is just as ridiculous as its enactment on "Saturday Night Live."

The reaction to Donald Trump's lewd tapes from 2005 was so intense that it overshadowed the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew this weekend.

Following the leak, Trump released a hasty, half-hearted attempt at an apology, where he was quick to mention that former President Bill Clinton is, like, a thousand times worse than him, and he has had a change of heart. He doesn’t grab women's genitals anymore, only shames them for menstruation, bodiessex tapes and eating habits.

Fortunately, "Saturday Night Live" was quick to show the Trump apology for what it was: damage control.

This skit started with a VP debate, where Trump's running mate Mike Pence smugly says Trump loves women, and not a "shred of evidence" exists that could show him disrespecting them. His lies are interrupted by some breaking news.



Trump addresses the scandal with a signature lip curl and smug nodding.

He then delves into his "appleojye" — definitely not an apology.

“This was way back in 2005. It was 11 years ago, back when I was just a young, childish 59-year-old man,” he retorted as CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin (Cecily Strong) asked him how could he make such horrible comments in the first place.

Baldwin pressed further, pointing out that Republicans who had supported him through his remarks on Mexicans and Muslims, are finally withdrawing their support after this attack on white women. Trump is undeterred, saying the only person he needs is Pence — who quickly refused to defend Trump in the aftermath of this scandal.

"Mike Pence is a loser," Trump immediately shot back. "I hate his guts, I call him puny Pence."

Later in the video, Trump makes a series of deeply unsettling hand gestures, and calls Ted Cruz a "pu**y" for not endorsing him. He again "apple-o-jizes."



The one person dancing around the funeral pyre of Trump’s presidential ambitions is, of course, Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon).



Clinton then addressed the women who were still voting Trump.



“My babies, your brain broke.”

Clinton then goes back to chugging entire bottles of wine.

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