Ryan Gosling, Guy On A Boat Gives Dating Advice On SNL

We are so glad these frat boys could come on the show.

Weekend Update on "Saturday Night Live" this week stank of the heady scent of Axe “cologne.”

It saw the return of resident d-bag, the unnamed “guy who just bought a boat.” In the unseasonably warm temperament of New York, he dropped by to drop some dating advice.

The guy, played by Alex Moffat, who just bought a boat is a delightful stereotype; sporting a frat boy haircut and a frat boy attitude, the guy instructed hordes of testosterone-driven college freshmen on turning her “nose into a yez.”

He was joined by his bro, played by Ryan Gosling, from SohoHo, Soho House, an Xclusie Clu, which means exclusive club in bro-speak. Together, they revealed to viewers just how to get the chicks thirsty for some Vitamin D.

The sketch was interspersed with references to the boys’ frustrations in bed. Catch the riot above.

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