SNL Finally Takes On Alleged Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein

The show’s silence on accusations against Weinstein had been incriminating.

After a week of awkwardly trying to find its way past the elephant in the room, "Saturday Night Live" finally addressed the sexual assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

The situation had become increasingly sticky for a show that has never shied away from dragging people like President Donald Trump over his deplorable comments about women.

It was reported that segments dealing with Weinstein from last week were killed before being aired. Couple that with the fact that it was SNL’s parent network NBC that had stopped Ronan Farrow’s exposé on Weinstein from being aired.

SNL tackled the issue with the previously used format of actresses’ round table.

Featured in the round table were cast members playing real actors Viola Davis and Marion Cotillard. Kate McKinnon donned a shimmery jacket and round specs to reprise her role of the fictional Debette Goldry. While Davis and Cotillard spoke in sensible, measured tones, the hardened Goldry talked of her experiences in Hollywood in a matter-of-fact tone.

Reminiscing the old days in Hollywood, Goldry talked of the “whisper system” among women to warn each other of producers who harassed and assaulted actors.

SNL, thankfully, did not stop there. After the onslaught of accusations, Weinstein had made it public that he “was seeking help” for his “mistakes.” This is perplexing and infuriating; a powerful man whose mates covered his predatory, exploitative behavior, is only now realizing that his behavior is less than exemplary. Instead of facing the music, Weinstein now posits that he is the one we should sympathize with.

SNL hosts probably put it best when they said the only rehab fit for Weinstein is a “specialized facility where there are no women, no contact with the outside world, metal bars and it’s a prison.”

There were also jokes on the new emojis introduced by Apple, but we will not spoil the joke for you. Check out the videos above.

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