SNL Takes On Roy Moore But Got Just One Thing Right About Men

The sketch was supposed to be about bashing Alabama Senate candidate. However, it didn’t turn out quite like that.

Roy Moore, who has been accused of initiating sexual encounters with teenage girls when he was in his 30s, received the "Saturday Night Live" treatment this weekend.

In the sketch, Mikey Day as Roy Moore, dressed in the Alabama candidate's customary cowboy hat, goes to meet Vice President Mike Pence (played by Beck Bennett). Pence tries to convince Moore to abandon his campaign as the people of Alabama will not take kindly to a person who has had allegations of sexual assault leveled against him.

“Are you sure about that?” Moore quizzes him.

“No," replies Pence while adding it's hard to convince people "you’re not into young girls when you dress like Woody from 'Toy Story.'”

It was perhaps telling that in a sketch centered around an alleged sexual abuser, the subject was only at the periphery. Most of the jokes were on Putin’s involvement in the White House, Moore’s sartorial choices, and gibes at Alabama. Although funny, the sketch was deeply unsatisfying in that the humor did not talk of the entrenched systems of oppression that allow men of certain positions in the world to undermine and take away the agency of women.

Halfway during the skit, Kate MccKinnon, dressed as the uber-creepy Jeff Sessions, rolled out of a cabinet seemingly to castigate Moore but somehow ended up making weirdly insensitive jokes about Alabama.

“I’m usually the creepiest one in the room but I look at you and I’m like oh my god. I’m Alabama but you sir are too Alabama. Get out of here and let me get to my gerrymandering,” said "Sessions."

Then he took out a taxidermied possum to his heart and asked him if Sessions also benefited from the system of oppression. Jubilantly, Sessions announces to the audience that “daddy” said "no." This act was the sketch’s most nuanced message to men who hold privilege; in a patriarchal system, you benefit from the silencing of women, and unless you loudly denounce the criminals, you are complicit.

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