Big Russian Pee-Pee Party: SNL Takes On Trump’s News Conference

The entire sketch was drenched in toilet humor. "Saturday Night Live"'s first jab of 2017 was on the president-elect's affinity for, ahem, water sports.

Alec Baldwin, as Donald Trump, could not stop making some rather unseemly puns on Trump's alleged fetish. Even as Trump did try to deliver a sober address, the puns rained all over his parade. (Sorry.)

“Did you guys, like, all pee, or did you just watch them pee?” a reporter questioned.

"I do not want to talk about the pee-pee."

“I am going to bring back a thick stream of jobs back to this country,” he claimed. “This country will be literally showered with jobs, because I am a major whiz with jobs.”


And as if on cue, Vladimir Putin showed up with the innocuously titled Pee-Pee tapes and quizzes Trump about who was behind the hacks.

“I mean, maybe it was China. I mean Canada. It was Meryl Streep,” Trump stammered, referring to the "overrated" actress who recently stood up to him with a blazing Golden Globes speech.

There were the predictable Trump-related targets, the conflict of interest, for instance. Trump talked of handing the entirety of his business to his two sons, who have inherited their father's charm and jaw-line.


Inevitably, the stream of conversation shifted to Trump's paltry inauguration line-up.


Perhaps the most scathing moment of the sketch was when a reporter tried to question Trump on his resolve of repealing Obamacare.

“If you repeal [Obamacare], 20 million people will lose their health insurance. I mean, people could die."

“Listen sweetheart, I’m about to be president,” Trump replies. “We’re all gonna die.”

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