SNL Takes On Sexual Predators With New Anthem ‘Welcome To Hell’

SNL’s anti-sexual harassment anthem, “Welcome to Hell,” tells a universal truth all women know to be true.

The female cast of “Saturday Night Live” set the internet on fire with their new anti-sexual harassment song dubbed “Welcome to Hell.”

The three-minute video reminds everyone how women have been dealing with sexual harassment and abusive, powerful men for a very long time in their everyday life. It didn't start, and sadly probably won't end, with the current light shining on sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey and others.

Host Saoirse Ronan joined cast members Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant to sing a song in the wake of recent sexual harassment scandals embroiling Hollywood, Washington and much more in the catchy ode to women. 

The candy-colored, bubblegum set stands in juxtaposition to the song's message. They sing about the “full nightmare” of being a woman when “all these big, cool, powerful guys are turning out to be habitual predators.”

Then Ronan shares "a little secret that every girl knows."

"Oh this been the damn world," Strong explains, as the anthem goes on to show how women have been in this terrible situations for far too long.

“Well 'House of Cards' is ruined, and that really sucks, but here’s a list of stuff that’s ruined for us,” Ronan chanted before the group sang a list off such things as vans, hotels, Ubers and just walking down the street.

“This ain’t a girl group, we just travel in a pack for safety,” Bryant explained.

The group then slams people who talk about women remaining silent, because women have been speaking for their rights for hundreds of years, but “nobody cared” because sexual harassment kept happening and the situation is still pretty much the same.

Soon Leslie Jones joined the girls and lets them know that "as bad as it is for you, it's like a million times worse for women of color," to which they all agree.

Meanwhile, the internet fell in love with this catchy, witty, funny yet extremely real music video about sexual harassment.









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