Sony Is Reportedly Dropping Dr. Luke And Twitter Is Celebrating

TheWrap is reporting that Sony has decided to drop music producer Dr. Luke, and Twitter is holding a huge party.

According to TheWrap, sources have said Sony Music is expected to cut ties with Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald following enormous PR controversy during his court battle with Kesha.

The singer alleged that Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her, drugged her, and physically and emotionally abused her for years while he worked as her producer. Although Kesha lost the battle in court to stop working under Dr. Luke, the public backlash to this ruling was swift and damning—the hashtag #FreeKesha circulated for days, and many celebrities and artists (including those who had worked with Dr. Luke, such as Kelly Clarkson) openly supported Kesha.

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Now, it appears Sony has decided to cut its losses and eliminate a working relationship with Dr. Luke. As TheWrap notes, “No court has convicted [Dr. Luke], so there may not be any legal basis to terminate an agreement. It would have to be mutual.”

This means Sony would need to reach a “negotiated exit,” and Gottwald would most likely receive a large sum from Sony.  

However, it is amazing news for Kesha and her supporters, who have been hoping the singer would eventually be free to create new music without involvement from Gottwald. After news of Sony’s decision broke, #SonyIsDroppingDrLukeParty emerged on Twitter, with thousands celebrating the new development:

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