Watch Peter Dinklage Sing About "Space Pants" In SNL’s Weirdest Sketch

Even Gwen Stefani couldn’t stop herself from joining in the most bizarre sketch in the show’s history.

"Saturday Night Live" just aired its most bizarre sketch (and that’s saying something) featuring Peter Dinklage in space pants sprinkled with cosmic ash from fantastical galaxies far away.

The skit was based in an unnamed, shadowy club, where a group of gangsters get together for a fun guys’ night out. However, halfway through the conversation, they do what Hollywood would like us to think all mafia members do: pull out their guns from underneath a handkerchief, of course.

But just as the conversation reaches it climax, enter "Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage, adorning the most glorious hairdo and the wondrous space pants.

The rest of the skit involves Dinklage counting the virtues of NASA’s most ambitious project to date, his intergalactic pants.

Lines between reality and delusion soon begin to blur. Illusions blend in seamlessly with our perception of the world, the only tangible, real thing in the world are these space pants.

And don't forget the space shorts:

Even Gwen Stefani couldn't resist.

Watch the complete skit in the video above.

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