Child Stars Of 'Stranger Things' Take On The 22-Pushup Challenge

Mike and Eleven from the hit Netflix series participated in the viral challenge to raise awareness about the plight of U.S. military veterans.

It's not just Hollywood superstars like Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Pratt who are showing their support for troops by getting down and doing 22 pushups — some young actors are also participating in the latest viral trend.

The child stars of hit Netflix series "Stranger Things" are among them.

Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on the show, recently posted his push-up challenge completion on Instagram.


#22pushupchallenge I nominate @izabelavidovic @jackdgrazer @uncle_jezzy

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He wasn't the only one.

Co-star Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the powerful and mysterious character of Eleven, also completed her pushups on the beach while waves crashed into her during the exercise.

The challenge was created by 22 Kill, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing veterans’ suicide. The 22-Pushup Challenge is designed to raise awareness of the 22 veteran suicides that happen every day. And the goal of the challenge is to reach a total of 22 million pushups.

Many have compared the social media-fueled challenge to be the new Ice Bucket Challenge. Considering how successful that turned out to be, we can only hope the 22-Pushup challenge will yield similar results.

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