Stephen Colbert Rents Trump’s Alleged ‘Golden Shower’ Suite In Moscow

“Join us as our investigative journalism continues,” Stephen Colbert said before proceeding to jump on the bed, repeatedly chanting “pee pee tape.”

If anyone has benefited from President Donald Trump’s presidency (except him, his family and his cronies, of course) it’s the late night show hosts — particularly Stephen Colbert, who has been incessantly roasting the president and his entire team ever since the business mogul announced his bid for presidency.

Colbert has so far been merciless when it comes to the commander-in-chief, so much so he actually went to Russia to investigate the alleged ties between Trump and the Kremlin. While there, he decided to check out the infamous Ritz-Carlton presidential suite where the former reality TV star reportedly spent some time during his trips to Moscow.

The mission of this visit was clear: The host wanted to find out if the alleged story about Trump hiring prostitutes to urinate on the bed in Room 1101, where former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle supposedly slept on during their trip to Moscow, was indeed real.

“Join me, won't you? In the bedroom of the presidential suite of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow,” Colbert said after giving a quick tour of the extravagant suite. “The room we have heard so much about, and yet no one has come to check it out, I don't know why. When you are in this room, I just don’t know how to describe it. It’s soaked in history. It just washes over you.”

Given that the alleged Russian dossier claimed Kremlin operatives had the hotel room under surveillance and caught the entire incident on tape, Colbert decided to comb through the bedroom for any recording equipment. However, he failed to find any.

“You know when you have imagined something for so long, that when you finally see it, it doesn’t match what you pictured in your head?” the host asked. “That’s not this feeling at all! This is right on the money.”

While the highlight of the video was Colbert jumping on the bed as he chanted “pee pee tape,” he did find a clue.

With the lights turned off and a black light in hand, he found these words written on the wall in a strange fluid: “Fake news, never happened, sad.”

Watch Colbert’s hilarious probe in to the alleged “golden shower” tape, a topic that is once again making headlines, in the video above.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich

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