Trevor Noah Unveils The Truth About Steve Bannon's Ancestry

“I don’t even know why he’s fighting about this,” Noah said. “We all know America is a nation of immigrants.”

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is not a big fan of immigration or immigrants.

In fact, during his brief time in the Trump administration, he worked with other xenophobic officials, like Stephen Miller, to draft President Donald Trump's infamous Muslim ban.

Most recently, Bannon reiterated his anti-immigration views in a "60 Minutes" interview by implying "Dreamers," people who were bought by their undocumented immigrant parents as children, should "self-deport."

Bannon's hardline immigration stance prompted folks at "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" to do some research on Bannon's family roots and what they found is something worth noting.

They discovered “Bannon’s great-great grandfather, Lawrence Bannon, arrived in the U.S. from Ireland by the 1850s, at a time when America’s borders were so open that Irishmen could just walk into the country with no passports, no visas, no background checks of any kind.”

“So in many ways, Steve Bannon’s great grandfather was a Dreamer,” Noah concluded. “Yeah, and his great-grandson is a f*****g nightmare.”

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