Donald Trump Rallies Are "Making Jews Uncomfortable"

After making Mexicans, blacks and Muslims feel unwelcome, Donald Trump’s supporters have managed to alienate Jews as well.

protester in trump's campaign

It’s a well-documented fact that Donald Trump and his league of admirers do not like Muslims — at all.

In January, a Muslim woman named Rose Hamid went to the media mogul’s rally in South Carolina, wearing a T-shirt that read “I come in peace.” The 56-year-old said she wanted to converse with Trump’s supporters, most of whom have never even met a Muslim. But things didn’t go as planned. At the event, Trump said all refugees fleeing Syria are ISIS terrorists. Hamid and her friend stood up in protest, after which they were berated and kicked out.

Just last week, the Republican front-runner stirred controversy and backlash by saying “I think Islam hates us.”

But Muslims are not the only religious community Trump and his supporters have managed to make feel unwelcome over the course of his presidential campaign.

As the Daily Show’s "senior Jewish correspondent" Adam Lowitt just pointed out, Trump’s rallies are now “making Jews uncomfortable.”

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Lowitt started off with a recent example of a 69-year-old Trump supporter Brigitt Peterson, who was photographed at a Chicago rally making a Nazi salute.



Although Peterson later (terribly) explained her gesture was taken out of context, Lowitt said it’s difficult to listen to a person when they make a “heil Hitler” salute.

Meanwhile, another Trump supporter, while leaving a Cleveland rally, was caught on camera shouting, “Go back to Auschwitz! Go back to f****** Auschwitz!" to a Jewish reporter.

Also, in December, the Daily Show even found a couple of Trump voters who said they would back their candidate if he proposed a “national registry of Jews.”

So, it’s not just Muslims, Mexicans or blacks. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric is also encouraging anti-Semitic sentiment.

And it was about time it happened, Lowitt said, since nearly 60 percent of hate crimes motivated by religious bias in the U.S. are committed against Jews.

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