This 88-Year-Old Is The Coolest Grandma On Instagram

You go, granny! Brace yourselves, everyone, because you're about to meet the coolest grandma on the Internet.

Say hello to Lam Trang Nguyet Ly: With more than 55,000 followers on Instagram, she continues to redefine the idea of getting old.

While our grannies still have no idea what Instagram is and why we are using it, this 88-year-old grandmother from Taiwan is slaying the trending list with her everyday outfits. Her Instagram @moonlin0106 immediately gained more than 50,000 followers. She is considered to be a fashion icon after netizens were amazed with her fashion sense. 

Check out some of her looks below:


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The internet's coolest grandma is an everyday reminder how age is just a number and you should follow your heart. Slay, granny, slay. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Unsplash / Tiago Muraro

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