Trump's Calls To World Leaders On SNL Are As Terrible As In Real Life

Egged on by the devil, Trump dials one international leader after another.

"Saturday Night Live" was on fire this week with one hit after another at Donald Trump's disastrous presidency and the cast of white supremacists he surrounds himself with.

Alec Baldwin was back in Trump mode in an impression so on-the-nose that it rankles the actual Trump every single time.

For obvious reasons, Trump can't hang out with Steve Bannon when his daughter and son-in-law Ivanka and Jared are around. It is only after they have left that Bannon, in full Grim Reaper regalia, can be summoned.

True to his job description, Bannon sets about advising Trump to pull off the wisest move. When Trump complains about his cranky mood, Bannon suggested a therapeutic phone call to cure his presidential blues. It didn't go well.

When reminded of America's promise to take in refugees, he thundered, "America first, Australia sucks. Your reef is failing, prepare to go to war" before slamming the phone down.

Then came the Mexican president.

“Hola, Presidente Nieto.”

“Guy who is going to pay for the wall says what?” Trump says.

“Que?” Nieto replies.

“Guy who is going to pay for the way says what?” Trump asks again.

“Que?” Nieto replies once more.

“No, you have to say, ‘What?’” Trump says.

The next leader in line was the bereaved Angela Merkel, who still grieves the loss of Barack. Trump tells her about the book he is writing, titled "My Struggle." UM. Trump cold sense that Merkel was not really enthusiastic about the call.

“I’m in charge now, Germany sucks, your wall failed, prepare to go to war.”

It's been a long day for The Donald.

“Okay, Donald. That’s enough fun for tonight. Can I have my desk back?” Bannon asks.

"Of course, Mr. President."

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