Come Apocalypse Or Unemployment, Trump Voters Won’t Stop Loving Him

As their lives crumble around them, Trump supporters continue to root for their President.

The grim reality of the world is that, even as it crashes and burns around people, there are those who still survive, clinging to their ideologies and their undying love for their messiah, aka Donald Trump. This was the start of "Saturday Night Live"'s cold open for this week, hosted by Louis C.K.

This is not to say that these very people have no grievances against Trump. There is the coal worker who has recently been laid off, the guy who has to drive for 90 minutes to get to a hospital, the concerned husband whose wife lives far away in a state-sponsored rehab facility, and the mother who wants to talk about her kid’s after-school plans and the lead in her water.

Trump’s response to these people? Their children will work in coal for a miserable eternity, and soon there will be no state hospitals or rehabs or schools to complain about. Oh, and the lead will stay. The people who voted Trump into power look incredulous for a second, before they rejoice at Trump being in power and exclaim, “You are my president.”

That's the reality.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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