SNL Hilariously Mocks 'NutJob' Trump Supporters

"Saturday Night Live" slammed GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump for his recent sexist comments about “punishing” women who choose abortion.

You might think your job is tough, but imagine the plight of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s campaign managers, who, during press conferences and talk shows and family dinners, have to say with a straight face that the boorish billionaire does not condone violence. Right.

Also, imagine being a woman who supports Trump in spite of (because of?) his crude remarks on rival GOP candidate Ted Cruz’s wife.

This weekend, "Saturday Night Live" had a female Trump supporter, played by Cecily Strong, justify the former reality TV star’s vehemently anti-women statements to CNN host, Kate Boulduan.

When quizzed about Trump’s assertion to "punish" women who chose to get an abortion, the supporter reacted with a, "Donald was just making an April Fools' joke because it was April Fools!"

Of course, Trump made those comments on March 30 — even more of an indication that Trump is ahead of his time, his supporter assured.

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However, when she tried to brush away the business mogul's affinity for violence with a laugh, she was shown a clip of Trump punching his supporter over and over.

"Clearly that man had a bee on his face and Donald was just trying to punch it off for him ... 10 times. You can't break me, Kate ... because I'm crazy, and crazy don't break!"

Is it time to lose all hope for Trump supporters? Because this isn't just SNL — it happens in real life, to the same ridiculous extent. 

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