Twitter Gets Nostalgic About Prince: 'Nothing Compares'

Twitter came together today to mourn the loss of the great and legendary artist, Prince--see what celebrities and fans alike had to say.

Multiple sources as well as Prince’s representative have confirmed that Prince passed away this morning in his Minnesota home.

News of this has broken the hearts of many music fans, especially since this closely follows the death of legendary rock star David Bowie. Some have tried to make light of the situation, Twitter user Trevor Godinho saying that there must be “a killer concert going on in heaven.”

Fans from all walks of life took to Twitter to express their sadness, heartbreak, and loss, sharing their stories and love for the unforgettable musician.

Even Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison weighed in on the tragedy, saying that “the world will be a little less bright without Prince in it.”

Banner Image Credit: 12NewsNow/Facebook

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