Twitter Slams Melania Trump’s Tone-Deaf Vanity Fair Mexico Cover

People are outraged by first lady Melania Trump’s photograph on the latest cover of Vanity Fair Mexico and the inflammatory message it sends.

President Donald Trump salutes with his wife...

Despite President Donald Trump’s sour relationship with Mexico and his ongoing feud with Vanity Fair, his wife — and America’s first lady — Melania Trump, has graced the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair Mexico.

Go figure!

Unsurprisingly, her presence on the cover has created uproar thanks to the completely tone-deaf photograph she’s posing in.

While wearing a white dress and covered in jewels, the first lady is seated at a table appearing to eat a bowl of diamonds and other gems as if they are a pasta dish.

The image is just plain ridiculous. Coming off the heels of her husband’s executive order on “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements” and his jumpstart on constructing his godforsaken wall, this image is the biggest slap in the face to our neighbors in Mexico.

The image just screams, “My husband wants to ruin our relations with your country and banish your people who simply want to work and make a better life for themselves, but I’m just sitting back snacking on some diamonds.” (Hard eye-roll)

Adding insult to injury, the fluff article that accompanies the photo, which claims to delve into “The Secret of Melania,” lacks any substance.

The story — which was recycled from a past edition of their sister magazine, GQ — focuses on her family background, life with her husband, and her goals of becoming the new Jackie Kennedy, Mashable reports.

Naturally, the cover sent Twitter into a frenzy with several users expressing their dismay with both the magazine and the United States' first lady.

This flashy, pointless cover photo and story couldn’t have come at a worse time. It seems like the entire first family is hell-bent on enraging people with egregious decisions. This is only week one, people. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters

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