Ugandans See No Difference Between Their Dictator And Trump

The Daily Show asked a few Ugandans if they would prefer Donald Trump as their leader in place of their current dictator and their responses are spot on.

Real Estate mogul and GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, has been compared to a few unfavorable figures including Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin — now The Daily Show has linked him to Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni.

Trevor Noah’s hilarious segment compared the absurd politics in Uganda to what America is currently experiencing as we approach the November presidential election. While it may seem like a far-fetched concept, there are some Ugandans who actually prefer their situation to ours.

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Museveni — who has been in power since 1986 — was just elected to his fifth term with his only opponent being his own personal doctor.

That bizarre political race actually seems relatively mild in comparison to the antics of Trump who called another candidate a “p*ssy” and is threatening to basically eradicate immigration in the U.S. along with other things he can’t follow through with such as forcing Mexico to pay for the wall he wants to build to keep them out.

To really put things into perspective, The Daily Show asked a few Ugandans who they would choose if they had to pick between Trump and Museveni. One of the people said, “That would be like asking a Muslim if they would have bacon or ham.”

That is a really profound analogy as it implies that Trump and Museveni are essentially one in the same.

Another very straightforward interviewee said, “To make it simple, give me a rope and I think I’ll hang myself.”

It’s been said that Trump is just blowing steam and he’s simply treating this election as a big publicity stunt to gain more popularity and promote his business. Meanwhile, other candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio — who are taken a little more seriously — could actually be worse for Americans than Trump.

Regardless of which candidate is more dangerous, the Republican Party has very slim pickings to choose from — hence is why they have yet to rally behind one candidate — leaving it up to the voters to propel Trump’s campaign forward.

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His large, cult-like following sheds light on the fact that many Americans are actually willing to support a dictator-esque candidate. That, in itself, is extremely frightening.  

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