The Parody Everyone In The World — Except Vladimir Putin — Will Love

A Slovenian comedian’s spoof musical-parody on Putin has gone viral, giving everyone, except for one sour Russian, a good chuckle.

Slovenian singer Klemen Slakonja, wants to make people all over the world smile with his musical parody mocking Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

In the video for the song, “Put-In Put-Out,” Slakonja dresses up as Putin, who is widely hated by Eurovision’s gay fans because of Russia’s laws opposing homosexuality.

Vladimir Putin Spoof Parody

In the video, the celebrated comedian Slakonja recreates some of Putin’s most iconic moments. At one point he is seen playing with a Putin-style Action Man doll, fighting with Jackie Chan and sitting bare-chested on a horse as Putin did in a series of candid shots in 2009.

Slovenian Klemen Slakonja

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The song was not originally a contest entry for Eurovision 2016, the 61st edition of a song contest taking place in Stockholm, Sweden but can hopefully be a winner.


Previously, the Slovenian television personality impersonated Pope Francis, but this latest release has gathered around 2.5 million views on YouTube in less than five days.

Parody That Putin

“I made it Just for fun, to make people laugh, not to offend anyone, I hope,” Slakonja said, “It’s to make people smile, in this crazy world!”

Viewers are now desperately waiting for a Trump parody, and the comedian admits he has plans to make one.

Check out the insanely hilarious video above, and treat yourself to some Putin jokes!

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