Wonder Woman's Success Could Pave Way For More Female Superhero Flicks

With the success that "Wonder Woman" has seen at the box office, we round up other female-centric superheroes who should nab their own movie adaptions.

It's no secret that the new "Wonder Woman" film is a smash hit. Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, it brought in more than $100 million domestically over the opening weekend. NPR reports this is a record for a female-directed flick. Overall, it's a darn good movie with a strong female lead. 

This got us thinking ... what other superhero women portrayed in comics could see a successful reboot on the silver screen? Below, we've rounded up five we feel could kill it at the box office — along with our opinions on who could serve as leading lady. 

1. Storm from X-men

Once married to Black Panther, Storm is a princess and a symbol of female empowerment. We'd love to see this force of nature on the silver screen.


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Possible leading lady: Lupita Nyong'o


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2. Zatanna

A force to be reckoned with, Zatanna is one of the most powerful magic-using members of the justice league in DC Comics.

Possible leading lady: Jamie Chung


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3. Batwoman

Many people don't know that Batwoman is a military veteran, Jewish, and gay. This story would be an interesting one to tell if done in the right way.


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Possible leading lady: Jennifer Connelly

4. Catwoman

Arguably the most well-known of the female superhero characters, Catwoman was played by Halle Berry in 2004. The movie fell far short of its hype, so a reboot makes sense. 

Possible leading lady: Emma Stone


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5. Jessica Jones 

Private investigator Jessica Jones possesses superhuman strength and flight. Jones's jet-black hair, no-nonsense attitude, and sharp wit make her a compelling character for the silver screen. 

Possible leading lady: Laura Prepon


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Which female comic book character do you think deserves a chance on the silver screen? Tell us in the comments below!

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